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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), 55 Gallon Drums Steel and Plastic
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Capital Lease Financing For
Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBC Lease Purchase

  1. Low Monthly Cost
    Leasing provides you with the use of the equipment at a low monthly cost and with flexible structure options. So you're able to pay as you use it!
  2. Tax Benefits
    You will be able to depreciate the cost of the container over its life and a portion of the lease payment as interest expense.
  3. Conservation of Capital
    With 100% financing, you're free to spend cash on other items such as inventory, advertising or personnel to help your business grow.
  4. Easier Cash Flow Forecasting
    Fixed monthly payments help you budget money into the future
  5. Fixed Payments
    You can lock-in payments now... and avoid the risk of inflation or interest rate changes in the future.
  6. Flexible Payment Structure
    Mitchell Container Services offers customized lease payment structures to meet your specific cash flow needs.
  7. Flexible Lease Options
    At the end of the lease, you may purchase your equipment for one dollar.

Mitchell Container Services, Inc. offers you all the benefits of leasing plus affordable rates and flexible lease plans to fit your budget.

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