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TranStore IBCs
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TranStore IBC's
TranStore IBCs
are the most advanced industrial tank since their introduction into the market.
* Patented one-piece 1/2" sloped bottom assures uniform and complete drainage
* 1/4" thick combination lift lugs for offshore and domestic applications
* Stackable to 4 high
* Limitless service life with minimal maintenance.
* TranStore tanks meet and exceed U.N./D.O.T. regulations and are approved for shipment of combustible and flammable liquids per title 49 CFR.
TranStore IBC's Options
* Stainless steel material and weld finishes to 320 grit.
* Custom sizes and base dimensions.
* Stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum construction
* Buy, rent or lease purchase options.
Standard Tank Sizes

Available in standard sizes listed above or in special sizes to fit customer requirements, Custom Metalcraft® TranStore Tanks are constructed of 304 series Stainless Steel or other alloys for storage and transportation of liquid materials. Tanks corners have a 2" radius for strength and easy cleanability and a one-piece bottom available with slope for complete drainage. A variety of closures and valves are available for tanks; a 22" drum cover provides easy access for cleaning and inspection. Weld and material finish on tanks can be suited to meet customer needs. Tanks may be tested and tagged per U.N./D.O.T. regulations for handling liquid materials. The tank is also available to meet various food grade requirements of the USDA and FDA.

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