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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), 55 Gallon Drums Steel and Plastic
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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Stainless Steel IBC Reprocessing Process
(Cleaning and Repairing)

Recycled IBCs
  1. All former contents and any corrosion must be removed. The interior must be high pressure washed with a cleaning solution capable of thoroughly cleaning the interior.
  2. A high pressure hot fresh water rinse is preformed as the last step of the interior cleaning process.
  3. An internal visual inspection is performed. If any of the prior contents remain after the high pressure cleaning process, then mechanical cleaning is used to complete the job.
  4. The IBC exterior is water blasted to remove labels and foreign matter from the exterior. The exterior is hand polished to restore a high gloss.
  5. Quality Consious Employees
  6. The thoroughly cleaned IBC is leak tested by a D.O.T. approved test method.
  7. Each IBC is inspected for deterioration and damage If damage is found an evaluation is made to (1) repair, (2) down grade service to non-hazardous duty or (3) disposal.
  8. All parts must be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled with suitable new gaskets. Valves and bungs must show no damaged parts or threads and must ensure a leakproof seal.
  9. Thoroughly cleaned IBCs
  10. Each Stainless steel IBC's serial plate is inspected for a current retest date. To remain in hazardous use duty each IBC must be inspected and recertified every thirty months.
  11. Every stainless steel IBC is D.O.T. and UN approved for hazardous duty around the world.

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