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Drum Acceptance Policy

  1. MSDS sheets are required for the materials that were packaged in the containers being picked up. Mitchell Container Services, Inc. will contact the customer to authorize shipment upon verification of possession of the MSDS sheets.
  2. Transportation of drums containing residues - Drums that have been used for the transportation of hazardous materials that have not been cleaned and purged must be transported with all closures in place, with all original hazard markings and labels legible (49 CFR 173.29(e))

    All containers must be transported upright and secures.

    LTL shipments must have a shipping label with the following information:

    From: Shippers name and address
    To: Mitchell Container Services, Inc.

  3. Acceptance of drums containing residues: "empty" drums - No drums may be accepted that are not empty. "Empty" means that the drum must be as empty as possible using practices commonly employed to remove materials from drums, including pouring, pumping and aspirating. In addition, no more than 2.5cm (1 inch) of residual material may remain in the bottom of the drum. If more than 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) remain on the bottom, the drum is not empty. If everything is poured out, but more than 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) remain in the bottom, the drum is not empty. If the residual material is listed by EPA in 40 CFR 261.33 (E) aas a "P-listed" acute hazardous waste, the drum is not deemed empty unless it has been triple-rinsed using an effective solvent, or has been cleaned by a method shown to achieve equivalent removal.
  4. Empty drum certification - Every person providing drums containing any residues to MCS regardless of prior contents, shall sign an "Empty Drum Certification" on each occasion that drums are offered, verifying that the drums are empty in accordance with the explanation of the terms in 3 above.
  5. Rejection of drums that are not empty - Drums containing residues of prior contents, that are to be loaded on trucks by MCS employees, may be rejected if they appear to be unduly heavy because of the unintended retention of product. Drums brought to MCS plant, or loaded on MCS vehicle by the emptier's employees, may be rejected at the MCS plant, if, upon internal inspection, they are found to be not empty. Rejected drums shall be returned to the emptier as product and the emptier shall be advised of the reason for the rejection.
  6. Inspection of incoming drums - MCS must inspect each raw drum when it is unloaded from transportation equipment. All drums must be inspected to make certain they are empty, to determine the original specification of the drum, Recycled Drums and to determine whether the drum is damaged or unreconditionable and therefore must be scraped in accordance with (7) below.
  7. Rejected drums - Drums that have been rejected during the inspection processes and cannot be repaired for hazardous materials service are to be cleaned and directed to nonhazadous material service or prepared for scrap. When preparing drums for scrap, the drum interior and exterior must be cleaned using an effective cleaning agent or must be thermally neutralized in a drum reclamation furnace, thereby removing all foreign matter, prior residues, labels and decorative coatings, and the drum then must be mechanically or hydraulically crushed or shredded.
  8. Mitchell Container Services, Inc. will telephone or fax the customer contact person to resolve any quantity or product code descrepancies.
  9. Mitchell Container Services, Inc. reserves the right to reject any shipment that doesn't meet the above standards or EPA/DOT regulations. This will be done by informing the truck driver and the Customer's contact person.

Please contact us to schedule a pick up for empty drums:
Corporate Office
Toll Free

(The containers will usually be picked up within 24 to 48 hours.)

Please Note:

  1. A minimum of 20 drums is necessary for a pick up.
  2. If you are outside of Mobile County, Alabama and you have less than 100 drums, please ship your drums on a commom carrier of your choice, freight prepaid. Please have your carrier call us to set up an appointment for unloading.
  3. Mitchell Container Services, Inc. must receive the signed credit application before we can approve your credit or accept any drums. A credit application will be faxed to you upon request.

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