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Drum Reconditioning and Disposal Services

Closed Head Steel Drum Processing

1. All former contents and any corrosion must be removed. The interior must be treated for corrosion resistance. Controls are established to prevent condensation. Recycled Drums

2. An internal visual inspection is performed. If any of the prior contents remain after performance of the reconditioning process, or if rust is evident, the drum is rejected or acid flushed to thoroughly remove interior rust.

3. Chimes are mechanically straightened to reform and reseal them. Drums are dedented using internal pressure sufficient to restore original shape and contour.

4. The drum exterior is abrasive blasted to remove coatings, and corrosion. The exterior surface is properly prepared for painting.

5. The thoroughly cleaned drum is leak tested by the state of the art Wilco Vacuum Leak Proofness Tester. This is a D.O.T. approved test method. Drums found to be leaking are rejected.

6. Before painting, drums must be inspected for deterioration and drums having visible pitting, Quality Consious Employees significant reduction in apparent metal thickness from rust, corrosion, or other material defects, or which have not been returned to original shape and contour, must be rejected.

7. All closures must be removed, cleaned, and reinserted with suitable new gaskets. Bungs and flanges must show no damaged threads and must ensure a leakproof seal.

8. The drum must be painted with new exterior coating to provide a protective and decorative finish.

9. The completed drum must be marked with Mitchell Container Services, Inc. D.O.T. identification number, R-1355, and the month and year of testing. To insure the highest quality the MCS final inspector and leakproofness operators initial each drum processed. Drums marked in accordance with the UN standards must include the nation in which the reconditioning was performed, the letter "R", and the letter "L" for drums that have been successfully leakproofness tested. If the original manufacturer's durable full UN marking has been removed in the reconditioning process, it must be replaced by the reconditioner before the drum may be used again to transport hazardous materials. The reconditioners replacement mark may show a Quality Drum Processing performance level below that originally marked by the drum manufacturer, but in no case may a reconditioner mark a higher performance level than was embossed on the bottom of the drum as part of its original "birth certificate." Mitchell Container's identity and R-1355 marking isa certification that the drum meets all applicable regulations.


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