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Rated #1 Steel Drum

Did you know you should be using the drum on the right?

They may look the same, but the drum on the right can be reconditioned and reused to transport a wide variety of products, including hazardous materials. The drum on the left does not meet DOT minimum thickness requirements for reuse, so its value to a reconditioner after emptying is limited.

Many drum emptiers don't recognize the value of using drums that meet the DOT thickness requirements. But doesn't it make sense that your empty drums will be more valuable if, after cleaning and reconditioning, they can be used in a wider range of markets?

We think so. That's why the drum reconditioning industry urges steel drum users to specify drums that meet one of the following requirements:

.092 millimeters throughout
1.11 millimeter heads/0.82 millimeter body

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