What Makes Us So Special?

Here at Mitchell Container Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our industrial product. We are a specialty company that focuses on IBCs, Drums, and Tools and Equipment. Our goal is to support the varied purposes these products serve.

Most of our trade involves IBCs, short for Intermediate Bulk Container, these large containers are reusable and engineered specifically for large scale industrialized use, transportation, and storage for a whole assortment of material. IBCs are usable for liquids, semi-solids, pastes, or solids.

There are many advantages to using such containers. They carry more material in a better use of storage space due to their cubic shape. This has the further benefit of simpler shipping. They are stackable upon one another for an even more efficient use of space and they integrate with other utilities to a high degree of synergy. Overall, IBCs have many qualities that increase the efficiency, timeliness, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that are necessary when running a profitable business.

Mitchell Container Services, Inc. is here to provide what you need for your business.